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New Ability Health Center Inc.

New Ability Health Center Inc.

EIN: 83-1248519


New Ability Health Center is located in the community of Sunnyside and South Park Houston. These two communities are low-income, restricted access to resources, and are in many ways cut off from the digital upturn.

We are a multi-service health center for mental illness and special needs. One of the core services is licensed for 86 intellectually disabled adults who attend each day.

In this community, there are so many people who live with certain limitations in cognitive functioning. They have limited access to computers and now most applications for services are electronic. The digital age including high-speed internet is not available on this side of town. One of our favorite services is community coordination. Things as simple as food fairs, free drug counseling, rent assistance, vaccinations and Covid testing are crucial.

  • Grassroots (using collective action from Black community to effect change at the local, regional, or national level)
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