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North East Partner In Power Inc.

North East Partner In Power Inc.

North East Partners In Power Inc., is a nonprofit 501 C (3) organization that was formed by North Shore Community Fellowship of Faith Church in 2014. North East Partners In Power Inc., operates with the capacity of its sister organization, Partners In Power Inc., and enjoys the history of over 20 years of service to the North East Harris County community. Our mission is to provide community outreach in the form of Community Empowerment, Adult Education, Financial Literacy, At-Risk After School Programs, Substance Abuse Counseling, Spiritual and Behavioral Health Counseling, Mentoring/Tutoring, job readiness, and other Social Services.

  • Grassroots (using collective action from Black community to effect change at the local, regional, or national level)

  • Community-based (approach allows communities to have an active role and participate in highlighting and addressing the issues that matter to them)

  • Harris County COVID-19 Relief Fund

  • Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund 

  • Economic Empowerment, Food Pantry, Financial Literacy

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